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Winner ... Blue Ribbon Society Award

Belinda was presented with an award as part of the Blue Ribbon Society for publication of her first book, Can You See Me?

The award emphasizes excellence in the field of education.

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The Relationship portion of Belinda's copyrighted approach is the largest because, without a relationship, educators and parents alike will struggle with moving from the starting line.

  • What's a relationship with students look like?

  • What's a relationship with parents look like?

Read her books to learn about it.

Belinda uses her copyrighted approach, R.E.A.C.H. to instruct educators, administrators and parents with strategies to discover the best student in every child!

My latest projects

Belinda would love to share her experiences ...

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Belinda is available for book talks, educator professional development and more.

Belinda has presented over 20 workshops to fellow educators about her experiences in the classroom. She understands the challenges that today's educator faces and is able to tailor her presentation or professional development to address the specific challenges of her audience. She can help you:

  • Improve your school's overall approach to challenging students.

  • Increase your students' academic achievement by improving social emotional responses and proven teacher/instructional strategies.

  • Establish programs that are consistent from classroom to classroom, grade level to grade level that are effective.

Belinda Adams - Guest Author

at the Rockford Poetry Club
Illinois Prairie Public District Library

Belinda shared her books at the Rockford Poetry Club Meeting.

Reach out to Belinda via gmail to inquire about in-person and/or virtual professional development opportunities.​

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